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Delivery Booking and Pick Up Policies



  • Our FLAT RATE delivery of $49 applies if you are located within 10 miles of our warehouse. Further than 10 miles? then additional mileage is incurred.


  • Delivery: Delivery times should be arranged atleast 2 hours before the start of your event. The person who made the reservation or another adult minimun 18 years old must be present during the time of delivery to sign for the rental delivery. Delivery times may be made from 8am up to your desired time depending on our schedule for that day.


  • Pick-up if Delivered: Pick-ups can range from 1-4 hours after the desired pick-up time. Latest pickup time is DUSK however you may choose an overnight option for an additional fee and the rental will be picked up the following morning. Parks rentals need to be removed from the parks before dark. Customers are responsible for keeping rental items safe and secured while in posesssion until our pick up crew arrives.


  • Customer Pick-up: Pick-ups are from 10am-2pm Saturday Due Back Sunday by 7am. Pick Ups also available Friday night if not rented out.
    • REQUIRED VEHICLES- Empty Van or SUV, Pick Up Truck or Trailer ONLY. We will not load into a car.

  • Water Slides: Water slides require a regular garden hose (not provided) within range of the setup area. Water should be turned off when the water slide or slip & slide is not being used. BEST TO SETUP WET UNITS WITH THE SLIDE ONTO CONCRETE to PREVENT MUDDING!




  • $50 Booking Deposit: Deposit will be forfeited if reservation is cancelled at anytime for any reason. Deposit will be refunded after the rental event occurs an equipment is returned in good condition. Deposit will be forfeited if returned equipment is excessively dirty or keeping overnight. Deposit must be made via Credit Card.


  • If the customer cannot get a hold of the company it is still the customer's responsibility to leave a message in the company's messaging system about cancelling their reservation or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. regarding the cancellation.


During rain/inclement weather, it is unsafe for anyone to play inside the inflatables.

Mega Bounce LLC will not deliver or setup if it is raining peroid. We may adjust schuduling if the weather will safely clear in a reasonale amount of time.

If rain arrives after MEGA BOUNCE delivers an inflatable, the lessee is to unplug and safley store the blower and deflate the inflatable. The inflatable should be covered to prevent flooding and dirt/deris from contaminating the surfaces.

If there is rain or high winds 20 mph or greater during the rental peroid, MEGA BOUNCE LLC reserves the right to cancel the order due to safety concerns with NO refund provided and pick up or repossess the rental items.

Keep a spare tarp handy if it sprinkles during your event to keep the unit dry, then after conditions improve the unit can be reinflated. If rain stops, the unit may be reinflated and wiped down completly dry to prevent injury before use.