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Yard Preparation Guide


Some steps to take before your Event

  • Please remove any twigs, branches, rocks, toys, and animal droppings (if you have an outdoor pet). If you have any pets, please keep them inside while the Inflatable Units are on the property. Animals are not allowed in or around the Inflatable Units. If an animal damages the unit, the renter will be charged repairs or replacement, plus shipping. Some units replacement cost in in excess of $5,000.


  • If there is underground power near the setup area PLEASE contact DIGGERS HOTLINE FREE OF CHARGE to locate any underground utilities in the area. We use 18” ground stakes to secure the units to the ground. The renter will be held responsible for any utilities that are damaged due to negligence of not having the utilities located.


  • Grass should be cut 2-4 days before the rental date. Please do not cut or water your lawn the day of or the day before the rental, it will make a mess of the inflatable and children!


  • Please keep an open (debris free) path for us to use to get the Inflatable Units on and off of the property. The path should be a minimum of four-feet wide, 48" wide. Please check GATE CLEARANCES!


  • Keep all unnecessary electric wires and cables away from the Inflatable Units.


  • We do not setup on GRAVEL or SAND or STONES or BEACHES. Pavement, Grass, or Indoor surfaces only.